Portfolio Item Updated

Portfolio Item Updated


Location: Grand Cayman

Client: Orchid Development

Type: Commercial

Floor Area: 60,000 sq.ft. each

Contact Value $8 Million each

Date of completion: 2012

The sister buildings are the newest additions to the 6.5 acre Cricket Square masterplan development in George Town. This Class A office space serves financial Cayman, housing much of the islands distinguished corporate tenants.The 4-storey office buildings are located within an informal campus style masterplan of Cricket Square and are proud examples of building excellence in Cayman. Willow House was honoured as the runner-up to the 2013 Governor’s Award.

The exterior elevations have a regionally appropriate aesthetic which incorporate elements of Caymanian architecture while highly performative facade systems seal the building to the highest hurricane rating and insulate from the hot, humid climate. The structures, along with the site, boast several ‘sustainable’ features to reduce the developers carbon footprint. Efficient electrical and mechanical systems used along with ‘smart’ building products provide efficiency to the tenant and landlord. Rainwater harvesting and indigenous plantings provide lush landscaping and a park where public activities as well as day-to-day intermingling take place.